As you know, I've been hitting gym since last year.And still I want to make a huge wow here about how much I've been losing fats ever since. Not much but 2.5kgs marks something to me. At least for somebody who loves food like me.

So, honestly I don't really do the cardio. What I did just a bit of running and spinning. That was all what happened on my first and second weeks at the gym. Beside, I skipped my dinner at night and replaced with banana shakes. Amazingly, I dropped 2.5kgs after two weeks within a month. But, let me tell you something - stop weighing yourself. I keep weighing myself and when I saw that figure dropping - I feel so excited that I've slowed down my gym routine.

I am failed again.

So I went for body re-structuring. But still, I am failed again. I lost my momentum. I became lazy. And I kept getting sick these days.

As I am scrolling my instagram, I keep on seeing something like,"no short cut, no diet pills. It won't be easy but it's absolutely worth it."

My man the other end, kept on pushing me to work out. Just imagine everyday he will question, "gym today?." Gosh, it's like a nightmare.

Gym today?Gym today?gym today?...OMIGOSH.

So, I get it started back again by hitting the gym class. I made myself available for every saturday class. That's for an hour bodyjam. It's a cardio body workout. Basically, it's a dance style stuff something like that. So will learn about match-up and dance for an hour. It was fun and I love it very much as I love dancing.

Then just this week, I make myself available for body attack. For me it's quite a hardcore and intense sport cardio workout. But be well prepared as it's a non stop training for an hour. I would suggest this workout if you are serious in losing weight but please stop weighing yourself.

So I've marked my calender. I am going to weight myself after three months from the day I started seriously 28/1/2015. Why that date?. Because that was the day when I chose to enroll myself for an intense cardio training.

By the way, I am experiencing muscle pain now. Whole body was like shaking.

Credit to Google.


Happy Birthday.

      It's been a while and I am quite stuck with my day to day job. Apart from that, I was sicked for few days with quite a coughing. It wasn't that good when you were sick in this land of strangers. But still, I gotta make myself comfortable with this land as sooner or later this going to be my second home. Ah, just as seem you understand?

Well, I did managed to hit the gym for like 2 times this week. Although, am not being that much consistent these days but at least I still make an effort out of my busy day end jobs. To be honest, I am just not dare to weight myself any-more. I couldn't afford to stress myself. That was why, I keep telling myself, let just go easy. I'll keep on reminding myself that am doing this just to get healthy and live longer. I am not prepared to let go yet. So?

January has always been my favourite month as IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!. And I have to admit that I love getting present. Like loads of it!

So this year, I am celebrating my second birthday with my lovely man. No cakes but dinner. And I didn't realized that we hit the restaurant which I am always dying to get in. Laugh out loud!!

As much as he knows me, he let me choose two types of my favorite bears... I guessed they are called bears.

So let's do the photos.

His gift

Then a second gift from my best friend Hannah.

My favourite Yankee Candle all the way from Lousiana

The last gift was from my boss. Unexpectedly!

So I was jokingly say, how sudden was she finally decided to get me some present for my birthday and my friend replied, "maybe she scared you will resign?"...

Till then.

Body Analysis

I come to know that it is important to have a body analysis from the expert. I did mine when I went for a body reshape.

The major problem which I am facing now is how to break that sweat as my body retention are quite high and it caused cellulite on both of my thigh.

One thing that I am happy to know was that - I am not a fatty meat.

And that, she gave me some useful tips which I can do to get rid away from this issues naturally.

She had advised me that I should do some crunches and running. Anything that can break the sweat. Stick to my green and do traditional massage twice a month. Apart from that, my therapist also suggest that I should do a hot yoga or sauna. Best if I can do this three times a week.

I am not sure with some of you out there but for me, it's ain't easy to break the sweat. Both of my legs ain't that strong enough even I've trained them for like six months now. But anyway, it showed some improvement though. Ain't that huge but it's better than nothing.

So, how many of you are still into fitness and juicing?. Am still.

Have a great day and here's some selfie of me. Lol~~


Body Theraphy

Tomorrow will be my last day of therapy. I can't wait to end the therapy. For days, I got to stop my gym due to some body reshaping. Somehow, I miss running and spinning. Although am still a newbie but my determination are higher and am so dying to get fit and strong.

If any of you are wondering, no I am not going under the knife. I was just going through some detoxifying and body contour through body wrapping and sauna. Somehow, my therapist had told me that my body water retention are higher and it caused my thigh become weaken due to the blood circulation are not flowing at the right way. And because of that, every-time when I do running or spinning I will get a backbone pain and a tight weak thigh.

I requested for a G5 machine massage. Although it caused some of my body parts turned to blue black but the result was good compared to previously. At least some people noticed some changes on my body as early on the second day.

On my third day, I can't stand with the machine anymore and I requested her to do a hand massage. But I still continue with my body wrapping and sauna. For the first time, am sweating very hard. That's what I called, "my fat are crying".

I had my rest day on Saturday and Sunday.

And again, I did the same procedure today.

Too bad, my reading was bad. This must be because of my cheat day for two days plus with a slice of pizza which I had during tea time.

Silently, I am blaming myself for not able to control myself. But I remember my vow that I shouldn't treat myself so hard, that I should take everything slowly, that what matter is my health and happiness.

That I should remember the main reason I wanted to lose weight is because I wanted to keep fit and healthy.

Yes, I must take everything slowly and have patience on myself.

Let's do this slowly and stay natural!

So here I am today, feeling better a bit even-though I just ate a tomyum fried rice. But I believe, if I stop being too hard to myself,things will fall to the right places. Right???

Till then. Let's get fit and live healthy.

Body Restructuring.

Hey there!

I've been away for few days. Apart from hitting the gym and eating clean this year - I am dying to get fit and slim down. Let me just be honest, my ideal weight is 45KGs. But due to my passive lifestyle, I hit at 75Kgs back on 2010 till 2012. Being fat for almost two years was like a nightmare.

Then again, I tried so many slimming stuffs i.e tea and detox drink. You name it. I've tried all and it drained all my money to the max!

So end of 2012 I went for slimming with Kunzense Malaysia. Amazingly from 75Kg I dropped to 61 Kg. Bet I could lose more if they don't do very hard selling. Anyway, I live amazingly back then and club all night long.

I just realized how fat this body was when I moved to Singapore early of last year. And you named it. I was back to all those slimming pills and detox and tea. But it ain't do me any good.

Do you know living in this city with those fat stomach is quite a stress?

So I made a vow to myself that I am going to stay away from all those chemical that will harm my body and health. That was how I landed to gym. Then I came to know about green foods. Then smoothies and juicing. Then now, a traditional massage.

I don't ask much, I just want a flat belly and get rid of the water retention.

I don't ask much. I just want a sunshine in my life and gain back my confidence.

Beauty is pain.

P/S Am on my second day of body restructuring. Pain. It's pain.

Good Night!

Morning Glory - Beetroot + Oranges + Carrot

I was actually having some mild fever today after my lunch hour.  My mother used to advise me when I was little that I should avoid some ice cold water drinks during menses. But when I woke up this morning I felt so uneasy and heaty.

So,  I ignored what I'd been taught -  thinking that I am strong and nothing bad could possibly happen.

But here I am now,  lying on my bed and was typing a post for this blog with my MI 3.

Anyway, the main reason why this post is exist today was I did my second juice this evening. I learned some new first recipe from the Nets and it calls 'morning glory'.  Which actually suppose to be drink in the morning. Tapi tidak apalah, Cuba-Cuba Bukan Salah pun.

Sorry, I don't have a clear glass here at home. Just pour the juice inside my coffee mug. Will shop for a clear glass this weekend  so I can show a little bit of skin, LoL~~~

So this is oranges mixed with beetroot and carrot. It said that,  carrot helps to reduce water retention and beetroot are good for high blood pressure. While oranges have the same function like lemon. Please, please correct me if am wrong.  But I've been reading too many information lately I am afraid I might jumbled up. So, do excuse me and correct me if there's some information was wrong.

Okay,  this is my second attempt.  I blended two oranges and one small baby carrot and one beetroot. I suggest not to use too much beetroot. This is to keep the taste balance.

Being greedy, I put too much beetroot in my first attempt last night and my juice was a bit bitter but still taste nice and Nyummy.

My comment - the taste is refreshing and makes me stop from craving for sugar.

Ba mari fit !! Gotta back to sleep now.

Mesclun with Caesar sauce

The thing about having green or salad compared taking rice as your main menu was that you don't feel guilty at the end of every meals. Recently, I always have this guilty everytime I took rice. It's not only that,  I do experience heaviness.  I felt like so heavy and lazy after having rice.

Last year of December,  I did lost about 2.5kgs within one or two weeks so. That was due to no rice and my cheat day only falls on weekends. I'd become consistent for 2 weeks but somehow I lost control and ever since I am back to rice.

Though my boyfriend is not really happy with my idea of switching to green, but I can't stop my fear of thinking being sick and unable to enjoy life in future. To be honest,  my cholesterol reading is bad so do my viseral fat. I can't live a life by someone else approval right?  Anyway,  even though boyfriend keep on  complaining about me not taking rice he somehow do give me a great support to exercise and keep fit.  By the way, everyone has their flaws.  Who doesn't.

So this is my first day of new year lunch and dinner. It's mesclun with some herbal chicken breast mix with feta cheese and beetroot. Added up some pumpkin seed and Caesar sauce.

Made a huge bowl of salads so that it makes me full and to avoid me from craving for sugars.

Just for a record,  I did my first juice today. It was a combination of navel oranges, carrot and beetroot. That's my dinner juice anyway.

So,  did you had a good time today?


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