Second Year

The Chinese New Year calendar are over. I've been feasting too much that I lose control on my eating habit. I went to on and off at the gym. I am skipping my routine which is eating clean.

And, the bad news is I am back to my heavy eating at night.I know this wasn't good. I've Googled everything that I can just to have some ideas on how to cut my carb and sugar addict. Perhaps I didn't really Google all. Because right now I am growing a belly like a 3 month old pregnancy.

Why this has to be a real torture?



Book are like good soul.

Because I am a big fan of good books, I travelled or I make a way to get one. This has been my wishlist and finally it's here. This book travelled all the way from Palembang just to reach me.

Loving it!

Happy is when you choose to be one.

Hey it's February and Lunar Day is approaching. In fact it's tomorrow!

I've been working so hard lately that I don't even have time for myself. I am trying to consistently hitting the gym same goes to keep myself discipline. Somehow, it's never get easy and a friend of mine who went to the same school with me just lose 10 pounds within two weeks.

How can I lose weight in two weeks?. I googled and I found apple vinegar and lemon. I even did the lemon with cucumber and mint. For God sake!

Do you think I can do it?

By the way, here is some photo taken somewhere last week and of course I am not there. And this is the reason why this post is up. Because I want to show you how happy my colleagues are even though there are times they make me go crazy and some of them are like the pain in the ass.

Laugh out loud, I guessed I am finally survived this week.

Hoping for a new adventure soon.



Life comes with great sacrificing.

Oh my, January ends so fast and we are at the second week of February now.
I still can't believe that it is almost ( getting ) a year since I moved for good here.

Although there were loads of things that I missed about my country but now I must say - I am doing better and getting better bit by bit. I believe that there were no other things without a great sacrificing.

And, I am going to thank God to all that little things that he gave me. Thank you God for let me breathe again! I could not ask for more.

"Life is worth exploring".


iPhone 6+

I finally made up my mind to purchase iPhone 6 Plus.

I was actually thinking that it will  cause a huge hole for my purse but lucky still manageable. I've been wanting an iPhone since they launched their first iPhone but always got turned off by some negative review amongst reliable source.

So, this time I made it into reality without the needs to hear negative comments from bitter people.

So I made it .


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