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Avocado is not my real name. I chose that simply because they sound cute. Furthermore, I am struggle in my weight loss. So, I am thinking, Avocado could be the best that suit me. Well, good fat in a way.

I always wanted to stop writing. But the more I wanted to, the more I can't control myself. I guess my hand knows it well better than my mind.

I've read tons of books and blogs. I stumbled some that really inspired me in a way of planning my financial since I would say I am kinda Rebecca Bloomwood. I've maxed out my credit card and right now, I am still trying to figure out how to settle it within a year.

Apart from that, like I mentioned earlier - I am in love with writing. I love writing a short stories and it always has been part of my dream ever since I was little. Perhaps, I should try to write something just to get my mind rolling.

And yes, I do love travelling. I have the lists in my head now but I am not pretty sure if I can go ahead with it next year as I am much more pretty concern with my saving and to pay off some debts particularly my credit card debts. Anyway, I have London and Sweden and Western Australia inside my list. But if I can't make it, I'll visit Bangkok.

Oh wait, I do love coffee and tea. But seem now, I need to cut off some expensive coffee i.e Starbucks. And also, shopping. I need to cut all those things.

So, hi - welcome. Do leave some comment because I'd like to know what do you think. Well, if it doesn't bother you. It will be highly appreciate.



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